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Joe Ortiz

Joe Ortiz


Business Strategy



Greetings and welcome to my personal home page.

If you are here because of some business reason, you can check out my business profile on LinkedIn. From there you will learn about my love of digital technology and the variety of roles I’ve had over the years.

If you are here for some other reason, then you will have to bear with me as I build out my site.

My personal areas of interest include:

  • Music – I play trumpet (or attempt to).


  • Motorcycling – I’m a late bloomer and have been riding for less than 5 years.


  • Digital Imaging – I’ve been into graphics and imaging before these became mainstream. I’ve been into digital photography and 360 imaging for over 20 years.


  • Contemplations about Life – Yeah, like everyone else. To quote a famous potential VP, “Who am I, and what am I doing here?”


Check Out My YouTube Channel

My new YouTube Channel, The Human Condition examines in each individual video, who we are as individuals, living life, facing challenges, seeking answers to important questions, and facing emotions, sickness, and death. We talk about life, current events, politics, religion, science, or whatever.

Brief Backgrounder

My Story

I’m a wannabe Gen-X, depending on how early you define “mid-” for starting in the “mid-60s”.

I’m a digital, multi-cultural, science and fact-based, family man, who is blessed to be a First Full Generation American. My dad was born in Havana, Cuba, and my mom in Brooklyn, NY. So when a job application asks to select Race and offers the only bi-cultural option of “Two Races, Non-Hispanic,” I think someone at SHRM needs to update their certification process to address my personal situation.

So, I’ve been around a few places here in the states. My current location, Knoxville, is where I’ve lived the longest. 

Places Lived


Brooklyn, NY


Miami, FL


Atlanta, GA


Columbia, SC


Phoenix, AZ


Knoxville, TN


  • Digital Imaging
  • Music Theory and Trumpet Playing
  • Parenting
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Mowing the Yard
  • Professional Passion and Expertise
  • Being the Perfect Husband

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