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Professional Biography
Joseph L. Ortiz, Knoxville, TN

Mr. Joseph L. Ortiz is an information technology and electronics industry executive with a passion for and track record of successfully driving innovative technology developments from concept to implementation. Mr. Ortiz’s career has focused on commercializing innovations with broad, multiple market and industry impacts. His professional background includes accomplishments in new business startup and entrepreneurship, IT operations and business transformation, P&L management, team building and mentoring, product development, launch, sales, and support. Mr. Ortiz leverages a broad range of skills to bear in bringing digital innovations to reality.

Mr. Ortiz’s most recent executive role was as Chief Information Officer for Summit Strategic Solutions. He was responsible for the practice group’s technology operations, including 1500 users, 60+ locations, and 10K computers and networked devices. More significantly, he led the requirements capture, platform architecture definition, and vendor negotiations related to the setup of a new healthcare service delivery business launched in 2016.

Before this, Mr. Ortiz was Founder / CEO / CTO of 4D Imaging Systems Inc., an Oak Ridge, TN early growth stage firm developing visual data processing solutions that automate analysis and reporting of changes in visual data over time. Mr. Ortiz led the development and launch of 4D Imaging Systems’ first product, the 4D PhotoStation Manager™, a patent-pending, fully-integrated imaging system targeting the wound care, medispa, dermatology, plastic surgery, and vascular healthcare specialties.

He has held various senior technical and business positions within the computer and electronics industries, including management positions at growth stage startup companies and Fortune 500 firms including Philips Electronics, Motorola Computer Group, and NCR. The common element in all of Mr. Ortiz’s accomplishments has his providing the vision and leadership to manage and resolve the complex interactions between the end customer, competitive solutions, and internal operations, product engineering, sales and marketing, and support.

Mr. Ortiz is well-positioned to drive digital innovation and business transformation projects across business units and corporate-wide. His efforts have resulted in increased revenues and profitability with reduced operational costs.

He holds an MBA from Arizona State University, an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina, and a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Ortiz is ITIL 4.0 Foundations Certified and is pursuing PMP certification.

Mr. Ortiz is a board member and officer of the Camp Koinonia Foundation, a 513C supporting efforts to provide services to children with multiple disabilities.

Mr. Ortiz’s patent applications include “System For Automatic Organization And Communication Of Visual Data Based On Domain Knowledge”, US patent application Serial No. 12/592,303, and “Method and Apparatus for Skin Documentation and Analysis” US/PCT application number is #11/934274, and 63/073,933, AND “Method and Apparatus for Facemask Customization with Digital Capture and Printing of Mask User’s Face onto Facemask.”