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I just spent an estimated 20 hours working around the fact that I did not have a DEAD CAT. I know it sounds awful of me to want or need a DEAD CAT, but I learned that a DEAD CAT was just thing I needed to not have wasted 20 hours of my time. A DEAD CAT is a wonderfully furry feeling thing, and something you want to put high up in the air for everyone to see. Most importantly, it has a long metallic thing stuck into the DEAD CAT hole.

Well, I love cats, and a living cat that has died is not what I am talking about.

As someone who loves photography and imaging, I know how important having the correct equipment is to a professional result. By extension, as I have begun documenting the human condition by interviewing random individuals, I have learned how important it is to have the correct equipment for digitizing audio.

So as I was capturing my first few videos, I relied on the microphone inside the camera. Surely that would be enough to capture the interview audio track. Well, I quickly learned that the quality of the audio coming from a waterproof action camera is not all that good. My first three videos required adjustments of the audio gain to at least make the sound understandable. 

So I got the brilliant beyond brilliant idea to get an external microphone. I was now stepping into the big league, with my camera rig (2 cameras) on a tripod, and now, an external microphone separately on the tripod as well. 

So, in the end, I captured videos with a naked microphone and along with the interview voices came a lot of wind noise.

Ah! That’s where I needed the DEAD CAT. The DEAD CAT is the fuzzy thing you put on a microphone to block the wind noise. Unfortunately, I had to spend a large amount of time researching how to post-process the audio files to make the wind noise as low as possible. 

Next time, I’ll use a DEAD CAT and save a lot of time.

Concerned About Our Country

The far right - America is now in fascism’s legal phase I came across this article and it made me quite concerned. This article is an important read. It is long, and I just finished reading it for the first time. It compels me to share it now, but I’m gonna read it...

35 Days and Counting Down

35 Days and Counting Down

It's been about 10 days since I've had the opportunity to put my thoughts up here online. It's not that I been away at some exotic destination with no internet, or that I was in a motorcycle accident and the doctors put me into an induced coma. No, unfortunately....